Escaping Emotional Abuse
A Healing Journey by Lauren Matthias
"I have read so many books and articles on narcissism…not until I read Lauren's book was I able to really relate it to my life and the relationship I was struggling with."

– Vicki Williams, New York

Many books have been written about toxic relationships, narcissistic partners and emotional abuse, but few provide such an honest, emotionally wrenching insider account of the destruction of a seemingly happy relationship from the start. Join Lauren as she moves through what appeared to be a happy relationship to an emotional nightmare.

Along the way, you will learn about all the signs and symptoms of a toxic relationship first hand and discover Lauren's reactions and strategies for survival. You will also follow Lauren as she discovers hope and healing and finds what she is really looking for in a healthy relationship. Few books capture the brutally honest experiences and stories of emotional abuse as does Lauren's ebook, which will help you to grow and heal along the way.

Escaping Emotional Abuse
By Lauren Matthias
About the Author
What's behind Lauren's story
Lauren and her husband Dr. John Matthias live in southern Utah where Lauren worked as a television reporter for Utah's ABC affiliate until their baby boy turned a year old. Together John and Lauren started Strive Psychology, where Lauren works as a relationship coach, helping women and men heal from toxic relationships and discover the love they've always dreamed of having. She is also a sought-after speaker, sharing her message and bringing awareness to the hidden signs of emotional abuse.
Follow Lauren as she tells the remarkable story of a love turned upside down — and how she reversed course to find the
love she desired and deserved, as you can too.
As newlyweds driving to their new apartment together, Lauren's husband announced he was instead taking her to the airport because he had decided he no longer wanted her in his life. He told her she needed to board a plane to go anywhere but Boston where he lived, even though she had nowhere else to go.
A capable, independent woman, Lauren found herself trapped in an emotionally abusive marriage, facing an unknown future with a man she had once thought was her lifelong partner. As Lauren searches for answers to an uncertain future in a failing marriage, her story illuminates the journey to find hope and love once again.
Join thousands who have followed Lauren's journey on Instagram and through her blog to learn how she rediscovers genuine love and happiness. Lauren shares her healing lessons with the hope that her readers can discover their own paths to find beauty, strength, love, and healing after experiencing traumatic or difficult relationships.
Along with your purchase of the ebook, you will get free access to a private Facebook group where Lauren will answer questions, discuss her book, and open conversations around all topics related to emotional abuse and toxic relationships.

You can get in touch with Lauren at
or on her Instagram account @Lauren_Matthias

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